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abstract int java::nio::ByteBuffer::getInt (  )  [pure virtual]

Relative get method for reading an int value.

Reads the next four bytes at this buffer's current position, composing them into an int value according to the current byte order, and then increments the position by four.

The int value at the buffer's current position
BufferUnderflowException If there are fewer than four bytes remaining in this buffer

Implemented in java::nio::HeapByteBuffer.

Referenced by java::awt::color::ICC_Profile::createTagTable(), java::awt::color::ICC_Profile::getCurve(), java::awt::color::ICC_Profile::getXYZData(), gnu::java::awt::color::ProfileHeader::ProfileHeader(), gnu::java::awt::color::ColorLookUpTable::readClut16(), and gnu::java::awt::color::ColorLookUpTable::readClut8().

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