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final byte [] java::nio::ByteBuffer::array (  )  [inline, inherited]

Returns the byte array that backs this buffer  (optional operation).

Modifications to this buffer's content will cause the returned array's content to be modified, and vice versa.

Invoke the hasArray method before invoking this method in order to ensure that this buffer has an accessible backing array.

The array that backs this buffer
ReadOnlyBufferException If this buffer is backed by an array but is read-only
UnsupportedOperationException If this buffer is not backed by an accessible array

Definition at line 956 of file ByteBuffer.java.

Referenced by gnu::java::awt::color::ProfileHeader::getData(), java::awt::color::ICC_Profile::getDataFromTags(), java::awt::color::ICC_Profile::makeDescTag(), java::awt::color::ICC_Profile::makeIdentityClut(), java::awt::color::ICC_Profile::makeTextTag(), java::awt::color::ICC_Profile::makeTRC(), and java::awt::color::ICC_Profile::makeXYZData().

      if (hb == null)
          throw new UnsupportedOperationException();
      if (isReadOnly)
          throw new ReadOnlyBufferException();
      return hb;

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