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java::awt::color::ICC_ProfileRGB Class Reference

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Detailed Description

ICC_ProfileRGB - a special case of ICC_Profiles.

The ICC_Profile.getInstance() method will return an instance of the ICC_ProfileRGB subclass when all the following conditions are met: The device color space of the profile is TYPE_RGB. The profile contains red, green and blue ColorantTags. The profile contains red, green and blue TRCTags. The profile contains a mediaWhitePointTag included.

As per the ICC specification, the color space conversion can then be done through the following method: linearR = redTRC[deviceR] linearG = greenTRC[deviceG] linearB = blueTRC[deviceB] TRC curves are either a single gamma value, or a 1-dimensional lookup table.

Followed by the matrix transform: PCS = M*linear

Where PCS is the vector of profile color space (must be XYZ) coordinates, linear is the vector of linear RGB coordinates, and the matrix M is constructed from the ColorantTags, where the columns are red, green and blue respectively, and the rows are X, Y and Z.

Note that if the profile contains a CLUT for the color space conversion, it should be used instead, and the TRC information ignored.

Sven de Marothy

Definition at line 72 of file ICC_ProfileRGB.java.

Public Member Functions

int getColorSpaceType ()
byte[] getData (int tagSignature)
byte[] getData ()
float getGamma (int component)
int getMajorVersion ()
float[][] getMatrix ()
float[] getMediaWhitePoint ()
int getMinorVersion ()
int getNumComponents ()
int getPCSType ()
int getProfileClass ()
short[] getTRC (int component)
void setData (int tagSignature, byte[] data)
void write (OutputStream out) throws IOException
void write (String filename) throws IOException

Static Public Member Functions

static ICC_Profile getInstance (InputStream in) throws IOException
static ICC_Profile getInstance (String filename) throws IOException
static ICC_Profile getInstance (int cspace)
static ICC_Profile getInstance (byte[] data)

Static Public Attributes

static final int BLUECOMPONENT = 2
static final int CLASS_ABSTRACT = 5
static final int CLASS_DEVICELINK = 3
static final int CLASS_DISPLAY = 1
static final int CLASS_INPUT = 0
static final int CLASS_NAMEDCOLOR = 6
static final int CLASS_OUTPUT = 2
static final int GREENCOMPONENT = 1
static final int icAbsoluteColorimetric = 3
static final int icCurveCount = 8
static final int icCurveData = 12
static final int icHdrAttributes = 56
static final int icHdrCmmId = 4
static final int icHdrColorSpace = 16
static final int icHdrCreator = 80
static final int icHdrDate = 24
static final int icHdrDeviceClass = 12
static final int icHdrFlags = 44
static final int icHdrIlluminant = 68
static final int icHdrMagic = 36
static final int icHdrManufacturer = 48
static final int icHdrModel = 52
static final int icHdrPcs = 20
static final int icHdrPlatform = 40
static final int icHdrRenderingIntent = 64
static final int icHdrSize = 0
static final int icHdrVersion = 8
static final int icPerceptual = 0
static final int icRelativeColorimetric = 1
static final int icSaturation = 2
static final int icSigAbstractClass = 0x61627374
static final int icSigAToB0Tag = 0x41324230
static final int icSigAToB1Tag = 0x41324231
static final int icSigAToB2Tag = 0x41324232
static final int icSigBlueColorantTag = 0x6258595A
static final int icSigBlueTRCTag = 0x62545243
static final int icSigBToA0Tag = 0x42324130
static final int icSigBToA1Tag = 0x42324131
static final int icSigBToA2Tag = 0x42324132
static final int icSigCalibrationDateTimeTag = 0x63616C74
static final int icSigCharTargetTag = 0x74617267
static final int icSigChromaticityTag = 0x6368726D
static final int icSigCmyData = 0x434D5920
static final int icSigCmykData = 0x434D594B
static final int icSigColorSpaceClass = 0x73706163
static final int icSigCopyrightTag = 0x63707274
static final int icSigCrdInfoTag = 0x63726469
static final int icSigDeviceMfgDescTag = 0x646D6E64
static final int icSigDeviceModelDescTag = 0x646D6464
static final int icSigDeviceSettingsTag = 0x64657673
static final int icSigDisplayClass = 0x6d6e7472
static final int icSigGamutTag = 0x67616D74
static final int icSigGrayData = 0x47524159
static final int icSigGrayTRCTag = 0x6b545243
static final int icSigGreenColorantTag = 0x6758595A
static final int icSigGreenTRCTag = 0x67545243
static final int icSigHead = 0x68656164
static final int icSigHlsData = 0x484C5320
static final int icSigHsvData = 0x48535620
static final int icSigInputClass = 0x73636e72
static final int icSigLabData = 0x4C616220
static final int icSigLinkClass = 0x6c696e6b
static final int icSigLuminanceTag = 0x6C756d69
static final int icSigLuvData = 0x4C757620
static final int icSigMeasurementTag = 0x6D656173
static final int icSigMediaBlackPointTag = 0x626B7074
static final int icSigMediaWhitePointTag = 0x77747074
static final int icSigNamedColor2Tag = 0x6E636C32
static final int icSigNamedColorClass = 0x6e6d636c
static final int icSigOutputClass = 0x70727472
static final int icSigOutputResponseTag = 0x72657370
static final int icSigPreview0Tag = 0x70726530
static final int icSigPreview1Tag = 0x70726531
static final int icSigPreview2Tag = 0x70726532
static final int icSigProfileDescriptionTag = 0x64657363
static final int icSigProfileSequenceDescTag = 0x70736571
static final int icSigPs2CRD0Tag = 0x70736430
static final int icSigPs2CRD1Tag = 0x70736431
static final int icSigPs2CRD2Tag = 0x70736432
static final int icSigPs2CRD3Tag = 0x70736433
static final int icSigPs2CSATag = 0x70733273
static final int icSigPs2RenderingIntentTag = 0x70733269
static final int icSigRedColorantTag = 0x7258595A
static final int icSigRedTRCTag = 0x72545243
static final int icSigRgbData = 0x52474220
static final int icSigScreeningDescTag = 0x73637264
static final int icSigScreeningTag = 0x7363726E
static final int icSigSpace2CLR = 0x32434C52
static final int icSigSpace3CLR = 0x33434C52
static final int icSigSpace4CLR = 0x34434C52
static final int icSigSpace5CLR = 0x35434C52
static final int icSigSpace6CLR = 0x36434C52
static final int icSigSpace7CLR = 0x37434C52
static final int icSigSpace8CLR = 0x38434C52
static final int icSigSpace9CLR = 0x39434C52
static final int icSigSpaceACLR = 0x41434C52
static final int icSigSpaceBCLR = 0x42434C52
static final int icSigSpaceCCLR = 0x43434C52
static final int icSigSpaceDCLR = 0x44434C52
static final int icSigSpaceECLR = 0x45434C52
static final int icSigSpaceFCLR = 0x46434C52
static final int icSigTechnologyTag = 0x74656368
static final int icSigUcrBgTag = 0x62666420
static final int icSigViewingCondDescTag = 0x76756564
static final int icSigViewingConditionsTag = 0x76696577
static final int icSigXYZData = 0x58595A20
static final int icSigYCbCrData = 0x59436272
static final int icSigYxyData = 0x59787920
static final int icTagReserved = 4
static final int icTagType = 0
static final int icXYZNumberX = 8
static final int REDCOMPONENT = 0

Protected Member Functions

void finalize ()
Object readResolve () throws ObjectStreamException

Package Functions

short[] getCurve (int signature)
float[] getXYZData (int signature)
 ICC_ProfileRGB (byte[] data)
 ICC_ProfileRGB (int cspace)
int isPredefined ()

Private Member Functions

float[][] createMatrix () throws IllegalArgumentException

Private Attributes

transient float[] gamma
transient float[][] matrix
transient float[] whitePoint

Static Private Attributes

static final long serialVersionUID = 8505067385152579334L

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