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java::awt::color::ICC_Profile Class Reference

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java::awt::color::ICC_ProfileGray java::awt::color::ICC_ProfileRGB

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Detailed Description

ICC Profile - represents an ICC Color profile. The ICC profile format is a standard file format which maps the transform from a device color space to a standard Profile Color Space (PCS), which can either be CIE L*a*b or CIE XYZ. (With the exception of device link profiles which map from one device space to another)

ICC profiles calibrated to specific input/output devices are used when color fidelity is of importance.

An instance of ICC_Profile can be created using the getInstance() methods, either using one of the predefined color spaces enumerated in ColorSpace, or from an ICC profile file, or from an input stream.

An ICC_ColorSpace object can then be created to transform color values through the profile.

The ICC_Profile class implements the version 2 format specified by International Color Consortium Specification ICC.1:1998-09, and its addendum ICC.1A:1999-04, April 1999 (available at www.color.org)

Sven de Marothy

Rolf W. Rasmussen (rolfwr@ii.uib.no)


Definition at line 88 of file ICC_Profile.java.

Public Member Functions

int getColorSpaceType ()
byte[] getData (int tagSignature)
byte[] getData ()
int getMajorVersion ()
int getMinorVersion ()
int getNumComponents ()
int getPCSType ()
int getProfileClass ()
void setData (int tagSignature, byte[] data)
void write (OutputStream out) throws IOException
void write (String filename) throws IOException

Static Public Member Functions

static ICC_Profile getInstance (InputStream in) throws IOException
static ICC_Profile getInstance (String filename) throws IOException
static ICC_Profile getInstance (int cspace)
static ICC_Profile getInstance (byte[] data)

Static Public Attributes

static final int CLASS_ABSTRACT = 5
static final int CLASS_DEVICELINK = 3
static final int CLASS_DISPLAY = 1
static final int CLASS_INPUT = 0
static final int CLASS_NAMEDCOLOR = 6
static final int CLASS_OUTPUT = 2
static final int icAbsoluteColorimetric = 3
static final int icCurveCount = 8
static final int icCurveData = 12
static final int icHdrAttributes = 56
static final int icHdrCmmId = 4
static final int icHdrColorSpace = 16
static final int icHdrCreator = 80
static final int icHdrDate = 24
static final int icHdrDeviceClass = 12
static final int icHdrFlags = 44
static final int icHdrIlluminant = 68
static final int icHdrMagic = 36
static final int icHdrManufacturer = 48
static final int icHdrModel = 52
static final int icHdrPcs = 20
static final int icHdrPlatform = 40
static final int icHdrRenderingIntent = 64
static final int icHdrSize = 0
static final int icHdrVersion = 8
static final int icPerceptual = 0
static final int icRelativeColorimetric = 1
static final int icSaturation = 2
static final int icSigAbstractClass = 0x61627374
static final int icSigAToB0Tag = 0x41324230
static final int icSigAToB1Tag = 0x41324231
static final int icSigAToB2Tag = 0x41324232
static final int icSigBlueColorantTag = 0x6258595A
static final int icSigBlueTRCTag = 0x62545243
static final int icSigBToA0Tag = 0x42324130
static final int icSigBToA1Tag = 0x42324131
static final int icSigBToA2Tag = 0x42324132
static final int icSigCalibrationDateTimeTag = 0x63616C74
static final int icSigCharTargetTag = 0x74617267
static final int icSigChromaticityTag = 0x6368726D
static final int icSigCmyData = 0x434D5920
static final int icSigCmykData = 0x434D594B
static final int icSigColorSpaceClass = 0x73706163
static final int icSigCopyrightTag = 0x63707274
static final int icSigCrdInfoTag = 0x63726469
static final int icSigDeviceMfgDescTag = 0x646D6E64
static final int icSigDeviceModelDescTag = 0x646D6464
static final int icSigDeviceSettingsTag = 0x64657673
static final int icSigDisplayClass = 0x6d6e7472
static final int icSigGamutTag = 0x67616D74
static final int icSigGrayData = 0x47524159
static final int icSigGrayTRCTag = 0x6b545243
static final int icSigGreenColorantTag = 0x6758595A
static final int icSigGreenTRCTag = 0x67545243
static final int icSigHead = 0x68656164
static final int icSigHlsData = 0x484C5320
static final int icSigHsvData = 0x48535620
static final int icSigInputClass = 0x73636e72
static final int icSigLabData = 0x4C616220
static final int icSigLinkClass = 0x6c696e6b
static final int icSigLuminanceTag = 0x6C756d69
static final int icSigLuvData = 0x4C757620
static final int icSigMeasurementTag = 0x6D656173
static final int icSigMediaBlackPointTag = 0x626B7074
static final int icSigMediaWhitePointTag = 0x77747074
static final int icSigNamedColor2Tag = 0x6E636C32
static final int icSigNamedColorClass = 0x6e6d636c
static final int icSigOutputClass = 0x70727472
static final int icSigOutputResponseTag = 0x72657370
static final int icSigPreview0Tag = 0x70726530
static final int icSigPreview1Tag = 0x70726531
static final int icSigPreview2Tag = 0x70726532
static final int icSigProfileDescriptionTag = 0x64657363
static final int icSigProfileSequenceDescTag = 0x70736571
static final int icSigPs2CRD0Tag = 0x70736430
static final int icSigPs2CRD1Tag = 0x70736431
static final int icSigPs2CRD2Tag = 0x70736432
static final int icSigPs2CRD3Tag = 0x70736433
static final int icSigPs2CSATag = 0x70733273
static final int icSigPs2RenderingIntentTag = 0x70733269
static final int icSigRedColorantTag = 0x7258595A
static final int icSigRedTRCTag = 0x72545243
static final int icSigRgbData = 0x52474220
static final int icSigScreeningDescTag = 0x73637264
static final int icSigScreeningTag = 0x7363726E
static final int icSigSpace2CLR = 0x32434C52
static final int icSigSpace3CLR = 0x33434C52
static final int icSigSpace4CLR = 0x34434C52
static final int icSigSpace5CLR = 0x35434C52
static final int icSigSpace6CLR = 0x36434C52
static final int icSigSpace7CLR = 0x37434C52
static final int icSigSpace8CLR = 0x38434C52
static final int icSigSpace9CLR = 0x39434C52
static final int icSigSpaceACLR = 0x41434C52
static final int icSigSpaceBCLR = 0x42434C52
static final int icSigSpaceCCLR = 0x43434C52
static final int icSigSpaceDCLR = 0x44434C52
static final int icSigSpaceECLR = 0x45434C52
static final int icSigSpaceFCLR = 0x46434C52
static final int icSigTechnologyTag = 0x74656368
static final int icSigUcrBgTag = 0x62666420
static final int icSigViewingCondDescTag = 0x76756564
static final int icSigViewingConditionsTag = 0x76696577
static final int icSigXYZData = 0x58595A20
static final int icSigYCbCrData = 0x59436272
static final int icSigYxyData = 0x59787920
static final int icTagReserved = 4
static final int icTagType = 0
static final int icXYZNumberX = 8

Protected Member Functions

void finalize ()
Object readResolve () throws ObjectStreamException

Package Functions

short[] getCurve (int signature)
float[] getXYZData (int signature)
 ICC_Profile (byte[] data) throws IllegalArgumentException
 ICC_Profile (int colorSpace)
int isPredefined ()

Private Member Functions

void createCIEProfile ()
void createGrayProfile ()
void createLinearRGBProfile ()
void createProfile (int colorSpace) throws IllegalArgumentException
void createPyccProfile ()
void createRGBProfile ()
int getSize ()
byte[] makeDescTag (String text)
byte[] makeIdentityClut ()
byte[] makeTextTag (String text)
byte[] makeTRC (float[] trc)
byte[] makeTRC (float gamma)
byte[] makeTRC ()
byte[] makeXYZData (float[] values)
void readObject (ObjectInputStream s) throws IOException, ClassNotFoundException
void writeObject (ObjectOutputStream s) throws IOException

Static Private Member Functions

static Hashtable createTagTable (byte[] data) throws IllegalArgumentException
static byte[] getDataFromTags (ProfileHeader header, Hashtable< String, TagEntry > tags)
static boolean isGrayProfile (ProfileHeader header, Hashtable tags)
static boolean isRGBProfile (ProfileHeader header, Hashtable tags)

Private Attributes

int colorSpace = -1
transient ProfileHeader header
PCMM pcmm = CMSManager.getModule()
transient long profileID

Static Private Attributes

static final String copyrightNotice = "Generated by GNU Classpath."
static final float[] D50 = { 0.96422f, 1.00f, 0.82521f }
static final int iccProfileSerializedDataVersion = 1
static final long serialVersionUID = -3938515861990936766L
static final int tagTableOffset = 128
static final int TRC_POINTS = 1024

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